i::scan 5 mm


Now available:

i::scan_TSS+color monitors TSS and color
i::scan_TSS+UV254 monitors TSS and UV254
i::scan_TSS+UV254+Color monitors TSS, UV254 and color
i::scan_TSS+COD_eq monitors TSS and COD
i::scan_TSS+COD_eq+Color monitors TSS, COD and color



• s::can plug & measure
• new light emitting technology
• no consumables
• no moving parts
• low power consumption (less than 1 W typical)
• dual-beam compensated optics
• optional automatic cleaning (compressed air in situ)
• multiple versions for multiple applications
• long term stable, 100 % corrosion free
• plug connection
• 5000 hours maintenance free operation
• mounting and measurement directly in the media (in situ) or in flow cell
 • operation via s::can terminals & s::can software



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